About Us

What Is The Free Radio Alliance?

The Free Radio Alliance is a group of people and organizations that have joined together to keep local radio free and accessible for communities across America.

We believe that free local radio enriches our lives. Not only does it provide free entertainment, but radio also employs hundreds of thousands of Americans and delivers crucial information during times of crisis. Local radio reaches deeply into under-served communities, giving back to the people in the towns and cities they serve.

The Free Radio Alliance is united to keep radio stations in your town thriving, innovative, accessible and free.

The Mission

The Free Radio Alliance and its members are dedicated to ensuring that America’s radio stations continue to thrive by urging members of Congress to support the Local Radio Freedom Act. Our members reach out to their representatives and ask them to oppose foreign record labels that want Congress to impose new government-mandated royalties on local radio stations.

Protect Local Radio

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