A Majority of the House of Representatives Supports Free, Local Radio Stations

March 25, 2024

Every day, local radio stations across the country bring the music you love and the news, traffic and weather you need, all for free. When emergency strikes, radio is a key part of our nation’s safety infrastructure.

Recognizing this essential role, 224 legislators in the House of Representatives have cosponsored the Local Radio Freedom Act, a resolution to oppose any new fees or taxes on free, local radio stations. As a majority of the House, this builds an important safeguard for the future of local radio.

This legislation, which also has 25 cosponsors in the Senate, has achieved broad bipartisan support in the last several conferences. Time and again, voters and policymakers have demonstrated their commitment to keeping radio free in communities across the nation.

Don’t stop standing up for local radio! Use this tool to ask your members of Congress to show their support for local radio by cosponsoring the Local Radio Freedom Act or thank them for their support.