“Every Metric that Matters Goes Up”: Radio Turns Artists into Stars

June 26, 2024

The first time top country star Jelly Roll heard his music on the radio, the video of his euphoric reaction went viral. In an in-depth interview with Radio Ink, he describes those emotions: “It was incredible, and I will never forget it.”

Artists from Olivia Rodrigo to Carrie Underwood have shared these iconic radio moments with fans. Jelly Roll told Radio Ink that after his radio success, “Every metric that matters goes up — more followers, more engagement, more likes, more ticket sales, more streams.”

Radio for the music you love, as well as news, sports, entertainment and emergency alerts to keep you safe, connected and informed. It’s a vital part of our nation’s emergency infrastructure.

But new fees could force your local radio stations off the air. In a House subcommittee hearing, Eddie Harrell Jr., Regional Vice President and General Manager, Radio One, Inc., Cleveland shared how new fees would harm the uniquely free service local radio stations provide to every community, including a lifeline during times of emergency and a medium to showcase emerging artists.

“Radio provides a key platform for recording artists,” he said. “I am proud of the real-life partnership that exists between radio and the recording industry. Broadcasters around the country are known for putting the spotlight on new, upcoming artists, and therefore serving as an integral part of artist promotion. This continued relevance of radio and the value proposition is affirmed every day in my life of running radio stations: the record labels are contacting us to promote new artists and music and looking for the airplay to help launch the next hit. “

The Local Radio Freedom Act would protect local radio stations from harmful new fees, and it has the support of the majority of the House of Representatives. Tell Congress to stand up for local radio stations!