Get the Facts: Local Radio Supports Artists and Communities

February 2, 2023

Once again, record companies are calling for new royalty fees on local radio. As an unparalleled service – free to listeners and essential to communities – radio fills a unique role. It’s time to break the cycle of repetitive arguments that endanger radio’s ability to keep serving communities like yours.

Radio not only pays its fair share for music, it also provides exceptional value to the recording industry. Each year radio stations pay hundreds of millions of dollars in music royalties that flow to songwriters, music publishers, artists, and record labels. Local radio also provides as much as $2.4 billion annually in free promotion to artists and record labels.

Leveling new fees on radio to pad record company profits will only harm the listeners who rely on their favorite radio stations for news, entertainment and vital emergency services.

Ask your legislator to support local radio now!