Protecting the Soundtrack of Summer

July 21, 2022

Local radio provides the soundtrack of the summer! Whether you’re taking a road trip or cooling off by the pool, radio brings you your favorite hits and helps you discover new songs and artists. Radio also brings you emergency alerts and community news while you’re on the go, especially as storms and wildfires threaten communities from coast to coast.

Ninety percent of Americans listened to radio during the long Fourth of July weekend, according to a survey from Katz Media. “The findings are on par with Nielsen’s new Audio Today report showing radio reaches 93% of U.S. adults each month,” says Inside Radio. This makes radio America’s widest-reach medium and “the center of the audio universe,” according to Nielsen.

While 90% of Americans seem to agree that local radio is pretty great, unfortunately there is legislation pending in Congress that threatens radio’s ability to bring you the music you love, free of charge with no monthly fees. Billion-dollar record labels want to pad their profits by levying a new fee on local stations, simply for playing music. This would devastate America’s hometown radio stations, deprive the listeners who rely on them and prevent up-and-coming musicians from getting promotional airtime.

Don’t let foreign-owned record labels steal your summer soundtrack. Get the facts on performance fees and take action to support local radio today!