Radio Sponsors Concerts to Connect Listeners to Artists and Raises Thousands for Charity

August 25, 2022

This June, after the tragic shooting in Uvalde, Texas, iHeartMedia Texas quickly brought country artists together for a benefit concert. They raised $138,000 for the… [Read More]

Protecting the Soundtrack of Summer

July 21, 2022

Local radio provides the soundtrack of the summer! Whether you’re taking a road trip or cooling off by the pool, radio brings you your favorite… [Read More]

Local Radio Saves Lives and Serves Communities

May 23, 2022

Every day, Americans rely on radio stations in their communities to bring them the news, weather and traffic they need. As stewards of the public… [Read More]

Record Labels Boast Record Revenues while Asking Congress to Impose New Fees That Would Cripple Local Radio

March 15, 2022

Last week, the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), the association representing the billion-dollar record labels, released a report touting billions in revenue from the… [Read More]

Foreign-Owned Billion Dollar Companies are Coming for Your Local Small Businesses

March 9, 2022

The recording industry is dominated by just a handful of big conglomerates. One of those – Universal Music Group – recently announced a historic year… [Read More]

The AMFA Would Harm Radio Stations of All Sizes

February 23, 2022

Big record labels are lobbying Congress to support the American Music Fairness Act (AMFA), legislation that would impose new fees on local radio stations without… [Read More]